The American Dream. Does it exist?


Right, this blog is pretty much summing up my feelings about America. I know it’s a little of topic as I focus on Manchester United but I thought might be a nice change.

Where to start? Well, ever since I was a kid I always dreamt of living in America. In fact I dreamt of becoming a paper boy and throwing the papers in peoples gardens. Weird I know!

When you watch films it always makes you think about the wonderful country that is America! The dream of going there was always on my bucket list and this year I finally ticked it off.

So, how did I think it went? Most of our time there was spent in the East coast around Boston and Cape Cod. I must admit there were lots of positives, like the beautiful views and the amazing food. However, the actual country felt broken. The Americans have no ideas of manners and always fail to say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’

By the end of the two week holiday my impression of the country fell dramatically. The media is a vile source of intimidation and all the time we were there we felt scared of the threat of ISIS. I have never known a country so hell bent on worrying their people.

Every time I speak to Americans I get the same response. That America is the greatest country in the world. I’m sorry to say guys, but it really is not. The lack of health care Nd other social factors such as making your houses out of wood are just a few examples of how messed up you guys are!

This blog is not a witch hunt and I can understand you being patriotic, but there is a reason why you are the most hated country in the world and this will not change as long as you continue this arrogance.

Real Madrid Vs Liverpool Champions League preview


Tonight Liverpool play Real Madrid in the Champions League group stage. With Madrid clear favourites to go through after the demolition of the scousers at Anfield, they will surely be the preferred team tonight.

The most surprising thing about tonight is the team news from Liverpool. One might think that they are relying on beating Basel and other poor team left in their group. This is a risky decision from Rodgers as they have not been playing well at all this season. The fact they are so close to United in the league at this point shows how poor they have been!

Cristiano will be looking to add more heartache tonight after his fantastic display at Anfield in the previous fixture. He decimated them last time out and as a United fan, it was a pleasure to watch! I really do hope it happens tonight, and with the lack of class in the Liverpool team,it seems very likely.

Manchester United to face AC Milan in Middle East

It has been reported that United will play a friendly match in the middle of the Premier League season! Not only is this a ridiculous idea, the thing that really annoys me is the fact that they will play this in the Middle East. Once again it looks like another opportunity for the Glazer’s to fill their pockets!

Not only are United struggling on all fronts this season. Losing to MK Dons in the Capital One Cup and getting a good hiding by nearly every opponent away from home this season. United have been the laughing-stock of English football once again. Things like this are the icing on the cake and I can’t believe the mentality of the owners.

This is a very risky game that the owners are playing and surely if United get beat during that period when the friendly happens, the United fans will not be happy!

As a United fan I haven’t seen anything like this in the past. Maybe this is the way that football is going now. It is a crying shame and the noise of the old 50,000 crowd at Old Trafford seems a distance memory and one in which I crave to get back as a United fan.

One can only hope that this game does not go ahead!

Manchester United need to buy big in January


We all know United have a great attack, although it may not have seemed it on Sunday! However, we need to spend big at the back in January. There is no use in being linked with another winger or striker. The issue is in defence!’

When you buy your defender from a lower league club, like we did with Smalling, there will only be one outcome! Silly mistakes and wrong attitudes are a key problem within United.

Let’s look at Leicester for example. United had the game won with a wonderful goal by Di Maria but became complacent and did not see the game through. This would never happen under Fergie!

I am fully aware that Fergie is in the past but we must keep the attacking mentality and the defensive dominance we had with him. It is sad to see my club decline so much and the real shame is that we have done worse under Van Gaal than we have with Moyes this season.

So who do United bring in to help the defensive problems? The fans favourite is Hummels from Dortmund and with the locality factor that Klopp uses at Dortmund, I am sure he would sweat blood for the team! Vidal is another that could help the back four from midfield but I believe Blind is doing a great job at the moment.

Just like all United fans, this is just my opinion. Please leave a comment below with any players you want to see at United (realistically).

Plastic Manchester United “fans” and touts

As a United fan I am always the brunt of certain jokes such as being a glory hunter. I try to follow United as much as I can home and away. Obviously home is not an issue as I am guaranteed a ticket. However, away from home I am disgusted with exactly how many day trippers there are!

I recently went to Leicester away and also West Brom (on a Monday night) and the lack of tickets were unreal. they either go to sponsors or to fans from other countries who are here for the day out! I understand that United is a massive brand and the demand for tickets will always be high. I do blame touts for this disgraceful attitude towards the fans but you also have to ask the question as to why wouldn’t you sell the tickets for a higher price if the demands there?

It baffles me by how many ‘united fans’ turn up when it is the derby against City or we are playing the scousers at Anfield. It is a very sad time and one which is very different on the blue side of Manchester. A part of me wishes that United would always have tickets available like Citeh but we all know this well never happen as United are a massive club!

I have seen many United fans left outside the stadium or willing to jib it at United away days! The state of football is changing and I really think we need to look at German football for the correct attitude. With cheap ticket prices and public transport cheaper for fans travelling away, this would make a huge difference to peoples attitude when travelling to watch their team.

In order to make sure this doesn’t happen we need to stop saying yes to touts, which I know will be difficult, but will send the correct message. Nothing infuriates me more than seeing a foreigner taking a ticket from a true United supporter and in the past there has been lots of tension within the ground on away days that do get violent in regards to these day trippers. Violence is not the correct answer but I would love to know if anybody does have the answers??

Manchester City Vs Manchester United

Today United travelled to Etihad (Emptihad) with a spring in their step following a few positive results. Although United lost the game 1-0 and went down to 10 men, due to Chris Smalling’s ridiculous attempt to stop Joe Hart and another blue, United put down a good shift. They made a game of it near the end at it was a pleasure to see the (old United) come back and pile on the pressure in the final moments of the game. The surprise in my opinion today was the brilliant performance of Fellani in midfield. He has taken a lot of criticism over the last year (all fully deserved by the way) but has been reignited by Van Gaal and his rotation within the United squad. This was a crap day in regards to the result, but we are showing some improvement. The January transfer market can’t come quicker and United really need to invest in a quality defender or two, but you have to ask yourself the question… Who would leave their club in January to join United in the state we are in? Yes, we have signed Di Maria and Falcao but look at the money they are receiving and the circumstances in which they came to Old Trafford. One left Monaco due to lack of competition in the boring French league and the other fell out with the Madrid President. I am sure United will bounce back and as a season ticket holder I am looking forward to Crystal Palace at home next weekend! Come on United!