The American Dream. Does it exist?


Right, this blog is pretty much summing up my feelings about America. I know it’s a little of topic as I focus on Manchester United but I thought might be a nice change.

Where to start? Well, ever since I was a kid I always dreamt of living in America. In fact I dreamt of becoming a paper boy and throwing the papers in peoples gardens. Weird I know!

When you watch films it always makes you think about the wonderful country that is America! The dream of going there was always on my bucket list and this year I finally ticked it off.

So, how did I think it went? Most of our time there was spent in the East coast around Boston and Cape Cod. I must admit there were lots of positives, like the beautiful views and the amazing food. However, the actual country felt broken. The Americans have no ideas of manners and always fail to say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’

By the end of the two week holiday my impression of the country fell dramatically. The media is a vile source of intimidation and all the time we were there we felt scared of the threat of ISIS. I have never known a country so hell bent on worrying their people.

Every time I speak to Americans I get the same response. That America is the greatest country in the world. I’m sorry to say guys, but it really is not. The lack of health care Nd other social factors such as making your houses out of wood are just a few examples of how messed up you guys are!

This blog is not a witch hunt and I can understand you being patriotic, but there is a reason why you are the most hated country in the world and this will not change as long as you continue this arrogance.

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