Real Madrid Vs Liverpool Champions League preview


Tonight Liverpool play Real Madrid in the Champions League group stage. With Madrid clear favourites to go through after the demolition of the scousers at Anfield, they will surely be the preferred team tonight.

The most surprising thing about tonight is the team news from Liverpool. One might think that they are relying on beating Basel and other poor team left in their group. This is a risky decision from Rodgers as they have not been playing well at all this season. The fact they are so close to United in the league at this point shows how poor they have been!

Cristiano will be looking to add more heartache tonight after his fantastic display at Anfield in the previous fixture. He decimated them last time out and as a United fan, it was a pleasure to watch! I really do hope it happens tonight, and with the lack of class in the Liverpool team,it seems very likely.

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